SUR Endorsements - Riverside City Council Wards 1, 3, and 5

It's time to take our city back

We need to support candidates that will work for the              people of Riverside and not there personal agendas.                Please consider donating to the following candidates.                                                   

Hass Ratnayake - Ward 1

Responsive & Responsible Representation  

City Councilmember's first responsibility is to serve their constituents. My guarantee to you is to respond within 48 hours. 

Warren Avery - Ward 3


The most important and easiest aspect of serving as your representative will be to respond to you when you reach out to me!

Being a responsive, accessible representative of the community will be one of his top priorities. Public safety, city services and the impact of rising homelessness in Riverside will be his focus as your Councilman.

Sean Mill - Ward 5

Clean up our Community

Politicians claim they are addressing the “root causes of homelessness” but the problem keeps getting worse.

Drug addicts and the mentally ill overrun our streets and parks. We have a moral duty to help those who need it.

Those who will not accept it are vagrants. Lewd, anti-social, and criminal behaviors must be swiftly dealt with and no longer ignored. 

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